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Visions. Faith. Energy. Ideas. Partnerships. Connections. Solutions. Momentum. Hope. Accountability. Stability. Clarity. Results.

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Gathering people is our primary mission. Be it one on one, small groups or large events, we believe that the energy created, inspires us to action and hence fulfillment. Each gathering is designed to allow for learning, self exploration and fun.

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We are here to shine light, resurface wisdom and allow accountability and clarity. There is no formulaic approach. Each interaction is unique to the needs of your business. We work with the leaders of the organization to discover what the areas of focus need to be and build approaches from there. Like the creative process, it is an evolution of thought and requires collaboration. Gain a new perspective on your business, call to schedule a free one-hour Discovery session today: 904 612-3934.
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Why be alone? What I know is that when people come together great things happen. When I was able to realize that I could not go it alone and I reached out for help, my world began to rock! With the help of coaching, and gathering with others, I was able to totally recreate my life.

“To achieve great things, we need to accept we cannot do it alone. ”

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Asking for Help can be the greatest gift you can give!

The philosophy of Who's Helping Who? revolves around the concept that there is a cycle of help that can be leveraged and used to create deep and meaningful change. This series of workbooks will help you to understand the why, who and how of change. You will explore through a series of specially designed questions, the wisdom that is within you to allow and support values grounded actions.

Who's Helping Who? workbooks will launch February 2010!


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What fuels your courage?

We believe that courage comes from within you. It is our mission to help you find that spirit, that wisdom, to fuel you to make the things happen in your life you have been dreaming of. From a new life, a new body, a new career, a new partner. You can do it!